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National Programs:


The National focus will be planned and implemented through the following: 


Top Teens of America: The Top Teens of America National Program is M.O.M.E.N.T.U.M. 

which leads to positive and assured members. The MOMENTUM program contains 8 Mantras 

including Mantra #1 Mission; Mantra #2 Ownership; Mantra #3 Mental Toughness; Mantra #4

Empowerment; Mantra #5 Networking; Mantra #6 Teamwork; Mantra #7 Unity; Mantra #8 Mentoring


Community Service is the Goal of the Program: a) Encourage high academic scholarship; 

b) Develop social graces, leadership and fellowship abilities; c) Develop pride in self, home and 

community; d) Encourage participation in workshops which address current trends; e) Work 

collaboratively with other organizations to reach mutual goals; f) Develop deep concerns for senior 

citizens, status of women, community beautification and community partnerships; g) Encourage 

appreciation for ethnic and cultural heritage.


Status of Women: The signature program of this Thrust is “Back-to-Work,” an initiative that will impact women in the community who have been downsized, underemployed or forced to rejoin the workforce and impact Teen unemployment through effective job preparation for entry level jobs. Another focus of this thrust, "I Will Survive" brings awareness to our communities regarding the devastating impact that breast cancer has on African American women.


Senior Citizens: The signature program of this Thrust is “We Care,” an initiative that will impact seniors who live in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The focus of this thrust is to enrich the lives of senior citizens by enabling them to continue to be an integral part of their community while keeping their dignity and sense of well being.


Community Beautification: The signature program of this thrust is “America the Beautiful,” an initiative that will impact residents of our communities by providing them with awareness and education of a simpler, healthier, and “earth” friendly lifestyle. The focus of this thrust is to maintain and enhance the communities in which we live through beautification, green living, sustainability, and the fostering of an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Community Partnerships: The signature program of this thrust is “Joining Forces,” an initiative that will impact residents by providing enhanced services to our communities through the formed partnerships. The focus of this thrust is to build relationships with corporate, local, state and national partners to expand TLOD's reach and maximize the range of service to the communities we serve.

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